For a while, I’ve wanted to start making a series of interviews to photographers I admire and feature in this blog… The fact that the site focuses on sensuality makes it a very intimate place, yet we know nothing about the people behind these photographs.

This first interview is from a very special friend, who has taught me a lot about photography and has encouraged me in different ways to search for sensuality in diverse elements.

Bianca Garimani is a Chilean filmmaker and photographer currently based in the Dominican Republic. She travels regularly for leisure and work.

Bianca Garimani

TS: How did you get into photography?

BG: At the age of four, my father first introduced a disposable camera in my life. I have my first memories roaming around our garden, taking photos of all the different plants and flowers. I still remember the feeling of peace and serenity that brought me. I experienced a very intimate connection with all this beautiful nature just outside my bedroom.

TS: What camera do you use ? What do you think about analogue vs digital?

BG: I use a Canon A1. Analogue film is alive. It is tangible and has amazing textures. It is just a beautiful and organic image as it is, with no need for post. Digital technology gets more impressive each day, and is clearly an economical advantage in big (and small) productions.

TS: How do your surroundings influence your photos?

BG: Each environment changes my energy and mood, which definitely influences me at the time of taking a photograph. I am in love with Nature and soft textures. I grew up in a solitary beach and spent a lot of time walking and connecting with that ecosystem. I explore the concept of solitude a lot through my work.

Bianca Garimani

TS: In what way have your experiences lead you to capture sensuality ?

BG: As a teenager I eventually realised that the human body was beautiful. I was very attracted to the female anatomy. While me and one of my besties were relaxing by the pool, I asked her if she would take her bikini off for the picture. She did. We took lovely photos and since then I’ve been experiencing sensuality directly through my lens.

TS: For you, what elements make a picture a sensual one ?

BG: The lighting and the room for suggestion and imagination.

Bianca Garimani

TS: What is the relationship you have with the subjects ?

BG: I love photo journalism and spent many years shooting candid photographs, where I wouldn’t interact with the subject. When my subjects are nude, I do everything to let them feel at ease and trust me. The photos will work when there is a certain level of chemistry between us. My idea is to capture that feeling and energy that exists at the moment you shoot.


Bianca Garimani

TS: What keeps you interested?

BG: Culture keeps me interested. The fact that I can travel somewhere and experience something completely unexpected, totally nourishing my existence. Experiences can only do good.

TS: Are you working on another project at the moment ?

BG: I am co-writing a feature film and pre producing a series of documentary shorts.

TS: Do you have any other passion besides photography?

BG: Traveling, eating and cooking.

Bianca Garimani

Bianca Garimani

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