For this month’s interview, we have the pleasure to present Spanish photographer Martina Matencio (aka Lovenenoso). This is a particularly special feature because Martina is one of the photographers that inspired us to create this blog, and being able to exchange with her about her work and her view of sensuality feels like a great accomplishment.

TS: Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from, where are you based, what do you do for living (if its something else different than photography)…

MM: I’m 26 years old and I live in Barcelona. I have an online vintage shop and I take the pictures for it. Before, the website was a project that I managed with a friend, but currently I do it myself: Luna was the initial window for my work to be known and that gave it visibility. It’s a project that I have much affection for and I’d love for it to grow. Sometimes I work on a platform called “Balcony tv Barcelona”, ​​shooting different musicians playing on different balconies in the city. I do not do anything else than photography. Luckily I can work on what I love and that makes me very happy. I also do other work as a photographer, mostly in fashion.


TS: Why do you photograph?  

MM: I photograph because it’s the thing that I like to do the most in the world. It really fills me a lot and I feel it is the most powerful tool to express myself. I couldn’t live without taking photos. I find something different in each picture and somehow it represents my past and present. It’s always with me.


TS: What camera do you use and what do you think about analogue vs digital?
MM: I usually take pictures with a Canon 5D. I have some analog cameras but for work I always shoot in digital because its much faster, you can easily view and delete. I would love to work in analog, in fact many people believe that my photos are analog because of the effects they have, but they’re not. However, the magic that an analog camera has, a digital will never give it to you. Digital is instant and analogue has more mystery.


TS: In what way your experiences have lead you to capture sensuality?

MM: I really do not seek sensuality, it just happens. I’m always looking to play with the body, the poses and then see the results. I do not intend for the picture to be sexy, I just go for what I feel at the moment. I actually would say they’re more mysterious rather than sensual, they create a story.


TS: For you, what elements make a picture a sensual one?

MM: Sensuality may vary depending on each person’s perspective, it is usually associated with the body, nakedness etc , but I would say that even a look can be sensual. All parts of a human body can be sensual from a pair of legs to some hands, feet…


TS: What purpose does your photography serve? 

MM: I try to photograph what’s beautiful to me. Often what it is beautiful to me is not for the rest, but I do not mind, I capture moments that for me are great: I stop, I shot and I keep it to myself. The most important thing is for you to be satisfied with the work to be ready to show it the world.



TS: What photographers/artists have influenced your work?

MM: There is a photographer that I really like called Tamara Lichtenstein. I also like Eugenio Recuenco, and although his ​​photography has nothing to do with mine, I love his work. The naturalness of Ryan McGinley… I’m totally in love with what he does; the way he plays with people and spaces totally captivates me.


TS: What keeps you interested?

MM: Anything can inspire me, but it is usually the person I’m shooting; I just need to look at her and the image comes by itself. In fact, I find it hard to photograph people who do not inspire me. If a subject speaks without talking, I can work quietly and I won’t need words. A picture is worth a thousand words they say :)











Make sure to follow her work on her Tumblr.

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